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o Who is ZAP IT?

We are an innovation. An online e-commerce community with affiliate compensation that specializes in providing members quality products at wholesale prices.

A company that offers a legit business opportunity that allows every interested individual to earn in various ways.

o Why join ZAP IT?

Do you want to take control of your life and experience financial freedom? Do it with ZAP IT. Join us in rewarding members who discovered our opportunity. We give you the choice to spend your valuable time on people just in your homes. Free from environmental stress!

  1. Working hours convenient to you.
  2. Worry free, dept free way of living.
  3. Rewarding compensation plan.
  4. Achievable goals, achievable dreams.
  5. A clear vision of the future.

o Are you a licensed company?

ZAP IT is a duly registered, government compliant company complete with all necessary business certifications. Products are FDA approved with Certificate of Product Registrations (CPR) and are manufactured with the highest standard practice from an ISO Certified toll manufacturer with a Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) .


o How to become a member?

We are online. Visit our website at Just hit the register button and accomplish the form.

We offer different packages with affordable options. Check it out in the product page. Make your choice and purchase it online.

  • Quick Start Pack
  • Premier Pack

o How do I get my Member Login?

During membership registration, you will nominate your desired Username. It will serve as your lifetime login as a ZAP IT member.

o What are the benefits of becoming a Member?

After a successful online membership registration, you can now login in your member dashboard. Hit the tools button to see your membership benefits. It includes:

  • Purchasing products at Member’s Price
  • Earning from ZAP IT compensation plan
  • Discounted purchases in our Marketplace of partner brands

o How can I have an Online Store?

Once you become a member, check the Membership Guide in your Membership Dashboard in the Tools page. The online store is readily available. As a Member you your username allows you to purchase products in the Online Store at discounted price and market it at retail price to earn profit.

o What kind of ID Cards are accepted for registration?

We accept any government issued IDs only as proof of identity upon registration.

o What if I forgot my password?

Login to your dashboard account and send us message using the Help Desk.

o I need to edit my information, what do I do?

Login to your dashboard and edit your profile in the Profile page.

o How do I receive my commission?

Login to your dashboard and follow procedure in the External Wallet withdrawal.

o I have been inactive for months, what do I do?

Keep your account active for a continuous commission receipt. Purchase your Product Maintenance regularly to ensure monthly commissions.

o I want to check my team information, what do I do?

Login to your dashboard and check your team in the Genealogy page.


o What perks and rewards are available to me?

Aside from the membership benefits, ZAP IT offers occasional promotions like bigger discounts and free products, corporate stationaries, additional cash incentives, and even local or international travels.

o Are there different levels of earning?

In ZAP IT we offer equal way of earning that depends on individual performance. Our compensation plan is simple without too much pressure in qualification.

o Where do I learn more about rewards and bonuses?

Login to your dashboard, full details of compensation plan is in the Tools page.


o How do I make a purchase?

In the main website page, purchase can be done using the store button. Purchase can also be done directly in the product information page. Once logged in your dashboard, purchase can be done in the Store page, then follow the procedure.

o How do my customers purchase from me?

You may share your personal Online Store with your customers or arrange for a one-on-one sales opportunity.

o How do I pay for my purchases?

We offer different modes of online payment. Payment options will be seen once purchase has been placed in the store.

o I need to change my order but already submitted it, what do I do?

Orders cannot be changed once submitted. Please make sure to check your order before submitting it for processing. Once the system receives and updates order, commission is automatically computed, and no changes can be done at this point.

o Are my payment details safe and secure?

ZAP IT is dedicated to keeping your details private. Any information we collect in relation to your transactions are kept strictly secured. We are bounded by the customer privacy protection of the Philippines.


o How long is the shelf life of the products?

The average shelf life of the products are 1-2 years from date of manufacture. ZAP IT follows the regulation of FDA on food supplement storage.

o Where do I get product information and consumption?

Our products contain brief details in the trade packaging. Detailed product information is provided in the product page in our website. ZAP IT provides scheduled product training online for a better interaction on product knowledge.

o I want to return a product, what do I do?

Please refer to Membership Policies and Procedures in the Tools page in the dashboard or contact our Customer Service in the Help Desk.


o How can I receive product purchases?

All purchases are online, and purchases will be delivered in your doorsteps. We have trusted logistics partners dedicated in delivering your purchases anywhere in the Philippines.

o Can I pick up my order?

Currently, due to the prevailing pandemic situation, the company will work only on product deliveries.

o How long will delivery take?

Shipping duration depends on the location. Purchase release will be in Metro Manila and is estimated to reach customers within the metro within 3 working days. In the rest of Luzon, estimated delivery is within 5 days and in Visayan and Mindanao is estimated to arrive withing 7 working days.

o How much is the delivery fee?

The shipment charges are indicated in the online cart prior to purchase completion. To find out the shipping charges that apply to you, simply add the items to your shopping cart and proceed accordingly to the checkout where the full cost will be calculated and displayed before you make any payment.

o I received defective/broken products, what do I do?

The disclaimer and limitations of liability as to products sold do not entitle you to cancel order. If you receive any goods in a damaged condition, you may return it and we may send replacement of the goods at our discretion depending on the cause of damage if you notify us within 7 days from the delivery date. We may ask you to provide proof of the damage as a condition of replacement.

o The products I received was not what I ordered, what do I do?

Please contact our Customer Service using the Help Desk and we will be happy to assist you.

o I am not at home very often; can I ask someone to receive it?

You may have an authorized person to receive the order in your stead. Just be sure that he/she has a signed authorization letter from you and a copy of your and the authorized person’s valid ID.

o Do you ship internationally?

ZAP IT ships goods within the Philippines only. Please contact our Customer Service should you have other inquiries on this.


o I ordered the wrong items can I get a refund or change my order?

Please refer to the Member’s Policies and Procedures on product return and exchange. You may contact our Customer Service for further details.

o Can I edit my order once payment has been made?

Once an order is placed and paid, it is deemed final and ready for shipment. Changes will no longer be possible during this time as commission is automatically computed and updated by the system. Please contact our Customer Service for more details.

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