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  1. The company guarantees that products released to customers are with the highest quality and within standards. The company ensures that products released are free from any form of damage and far from expiration. Customers must check items prior to receipt of products to ensure condition of products received.
  2. For product deliveries, the company will ensure quality of products released to courier. The company is free of any liability should there be any damage along transit of the product, but the customer has the right to raise any delivery concern for the shipping company to address, unless case is under force majeure.
  3. Walk-in customers may change purchase even after complete transaction but within the same day operations only. Customer must present the proof of purchase for any changes.
  4. The company can still dispense goods within 3 months expiration. This is because each product is consumable within a month. CSR will inform customers of products under this category to avoid over stocking.
  5. Once products are received in good condition by a customer, the company is free of any liability of any kind such as but not limited to packaging damage, incomplete items and expired product.
  6. The company will not replace expired and damaged products due to overstocking and unsold products due to non-movement, or any reason causing the product to stay at hand with the customer.
  7. The company will not replace any manufacturing defect such as but not limited to incomplete product quantity.

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